Liz Reitzig on Stossel’s Food Fight: GMO vs Organic

reitzig on stossel

A few nights ago, John Stossel took on food in America: food myths, food ignorance, banning foods, food police, food freedom… he even tackled mainstream media’s taboo topic: GMOs in our food supply. The fair-minded Stossel brought in two experts with¬†opposing viewpoints on GMO vs organic foods.

Batting pro-GMO was Jon Entine who¬†says “opposition to GMOs is just scaremongering.”

Sadly for Mr. Entine, the No-GMO team had Liz Reitzig speaking out for real food. I’d say our team scored the big points. Take a listen — Liz’ segment starts at minute 9:15.

Sally Oh, Vitality Pi

A native Kentuckian, Sally is married since '91 to Hal from Taxachusetts, mom to two 100% homeschooled sons, a functional medicine practitioner, essential oils guru, homesteader and Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. In her spare time, she blogs at :)

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