Is your hair falling out? Mine was -- I tried iodine and now my hair is thick and healthy!I’ve been using Iodine since September 2010 and plan to take it forever. Lately, it seems I see SO MANY WOMEN who have receding hairlines, bald spots, extremely thin hair. I want to run up to them and extoll the virtues of iodine supplementation… but I figure they want to believe no one notices their hair so I don’t. If you know someone with hair troubles, please share this post. There’s a wealth of info here as well as links to actual experts. At least get them on the path to healthy hair. Who doesn’t want good hair days?

Back in 2010, after IAD (I Almost Died, a phrase that comes in handy when I want something from my siblings),  I watched my hair falling out in clumps in the shower. It was the most prolonged depressing experience of my young life. It wasn’t the prospect of being bald. I can do bald. It was the overwhelming fear and panic, wondering what the hell was happening NOW, and what was going to happen NEXT?

After blogging about it, a reader suggested thyroid trouble. Thyroid? What’s a thyroid? (You all teach me everything. Thank you.)

I researched “thyroid hair loss” … Continue reading here.

Is your hair falling out? Here's help for that!

Sally Oh, Vitality Pi

A native Kentuckian, Sally is married since '91 to Hal from Taxachusetts, mom to two 100% homeschooled sons, a functional medicine practitioner, essential oils guru, homesteader and Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. In her spare time, she blogs at :)

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