Collusion (kə-lo͞oˈzhən) NOUN A secret agreement for a deceitful purpose.

When industry controls the government the truth is hard to see.

I believe it is important to consider how the “other” side works and to name names. If we don’t see how the machine works, how can we fix it when it is broken?

Unfortunately, the machine uses live bodies with faces that seem like compassionate human beings. What they really are are minions and useful idiots. The gears and levers are paid very handsomely, some are covered with awards and “positions” of authority to gratify their egos all stamped with University accolades and Government certified titles. All in all, whether they know it or not, their position is to keep the money rolling into the coffers of large processing industries by forcing individuals to purchase their foods through grocery stores.

The trouble for them is us, the small farmers and food artisans who produce nutrient dense foods that heal bodies and souls and the consumers who support the farmers and purchase their foods. It’s cutting into the big boys profits, and they are not happy. So what do they do? A carefully planned out smear attack and fear mongering campaign to discredit small producers as death merchants. The real merchants of death are the ones who have the largest scale ability to do it and have done it. They just have the lawyers and ability to pay off victims’ families with non-disclosure agreements.

The Machine is made up of government and industry and it’s greased with the taxpayer’s money ( subsidies and grants.) The gears are the University appointments and advisors that wrap controlled one-sided paid “science” into a certification that ultimately dictates what is legal or not, which then determines who may make a living doing what. It’s convenient for the industries. They have a literal “corner on the market” denying all others ability to process and sell the foods they have, thereby eliminating competition.

The lobbyists and the politicians have an active role in all of this, along with a revolving door with industry and government positions.

So how do we see all this? One example is Farm Bureau.

They have lovely PR, “Save our Small farms,” AITC, (Ag In the Classroom), Young Farmers, Women in Ag, Real Virginia television show, activities at Meadow Event Park, events at the Amphitheater in Virginia Beach and many, many others. Their Public Relations operations know no bounds. But the real bottom line is the protection and promotion of commodity agriculture and access to government dollars at the taxpayer’s expense. It’s called externalized cost. They can give lip service to many pseudo- local initiatives, but they always sway interest and effect right back to supporting the big boys.

If a farmer wants to process and sell foods they have made on the farm without the government’s seal of approval, Farm bureau will in no way promote it. They will actively work against it. Their insurance company will not insure it. See their action requested of the General Assembly last session: 2015_Food_Freedom

You would think Farm Bureau is out to protect the economic interests of farmers, after all, if a farmer cannot make a living on his farm he is no longer a farmer- ( but he will still be a consumer- we all need to eat) No, Farm Bureau in Va is most interested in corn, wheat and soybeans – the building blocks of processed foods in America. Of course they still need some fruit and vegetable produce and prop effects of calf and lamb shows to keep the new farm looking like the idealized version the population adores, so we have the feel good county fairs and promotion of the state-controlled farmers markets. Farm Bureau denies the right of the farmer and the freedom of the people. They are definitely in collusion with the government and industry.

To read up on the recent vote on the Virginia farm food freedom bill, click here. Curious, indeed.

Bernadette Barber, Virginia Food Freedom

Bernadette Barber, Virginia Food Freedom

Bernadette Barber founded and runs Virginia Food Freedom, an advocacy group which seeks to protect the rights of Virginia small farmers and food artisans.Barber also operates Tall Trees Farm in Lancaster County. Follow her on Twitter .
Bernadette Barber, Virginia Food Freedom

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