Mandatory Vaccines: What the Debate is Really About

Jamie Kaiver on Mandatory Vaccines

by Jamie Kaiver

Jamie is a homeschooling mother of one, whose passion for learning began with healthful living and led to the dedication in quest of individual rights and liberty. She is also a good friend. She wrote this on her Facebook wall and we asked to share it here. Her passion for liberty is delicious! Look forward to more from Jamie on Nourishing Liberty.

Around every other corner, there is a demand to the government to exercise authority on the subject of compulsory vaccinations, whether it is of health care employees, school children, all children, or everyone.

This is my argument against MANDATORY vaccination. A rational look at this cry for forceful medical oversight of individuals by the government will show that this proposal is not in anyone’s best interest, whether you are for or against vaccinating yourself and/or your family.

The push for mandatory vaccines is based on fear; fear that if the population is not collectively inoculated that a disease will spread, “possibly” to fatally harm a lot of people, even the vaccinated.

However, this emotionally charged position makes no logical sense. Allow me to demonstrate.

Vaccine theory is that these injections provide immunity by stimulating the creation of memory B and T cells which will persist in one’s body and ultimately respond with effectiveness when/if the body encounters the pathogen again.

If vaccines work as advertised, then there should be NO reason to fear those who are not vaccinated.

The definition of immunity is the state of being immune: “resistant to a particular infection or toxin owing to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.” With that said, if true immunity is acquired, it CANNOT be “undone” or simply dissolve in the presence of non-vaccinated individuals.

Fear alone — much less illogical fear — is not a reason to infringe upon the fundamental rights of an individual’s property: his or her body.

From dispelling the state of fear which brought about the concept of the well-being of the greater good over the health and choice of the individual, I move to this question:

Who has control over your body? Is it the government? The majority? The “greater good?” You?

It is surprising how many people do not truly believe that the individual has ownership over his or her own body. If given the authority to carry out an action such as forceful vaccination against an individual’s will, what else may the government take under its wing as its responsibility to control in regard to one’s body?

Is the individual’s body merely a puppet to be orchestrated on a whim by the cries of the majority for the ‘common good’? Whether you are for or against the practice of vaccinating, MANDATORY vaccination is a violation of the rights of the individual.

Furthermore, it opens the door to government being the lead controller in the matter of the individual’s most inborn, natural property – one’s own body. The smallest minority on earth, the individual, should be heard, protected and have the fundamental right to exercise choice even if that choice is opposite of the one made by the majority.

Because without choice, there is no freedom.

The issue of MANDATORY vaccination is more than just a debate over vaccine safety and effectiveness. It is a debate on a concept much larger and of much greater significance: that of Freedom.


Jamie Kaiver

Jamie Kaiver

Jamie is a homeschooling mother of one, whose passion for learning began with healthful living and led to the dedication in quest of individual rights and liberty.
Jamie Kaiver

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