Food is the Foundation of Freedom

Food, and how we procure it, is instrumental in laying the foundation for individual freedom. Conversely, having enough quality food gives us each the sense of security we need to take action to secure freedoms in other areas of life.

Nourishing Liberty is a place to plant seeds for ideas to grow and flourish. It’s a place to discover inspiration and to join together in action. Community interdependence will bridge the gap between oppression in all its forms and freedom to live peacefully.

Nourishing Liberty is based on the principle that people have the freedom to peacefully procure the foods of their choice from the producer of their choice through voluntary exchange with other free human beings. Anything that infringes on that is a threat liberty.

Learning to produce our own food, supporting sustainable farmers who share the knowledge and keep land in production, nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense foods to restore and maintain healthy bodies—these are the most peaceful and most defiant acts we can assert today to promote our individual freedoms. Peace, respect and sustainability are the essence of freedom. What better way to express our freedoms than to literally grow peace in our soils and communities!

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