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Why we don't vaccinate -- the evidence is overwhelming that it's a bad idea.“Those who are unaware are unaware of being unaware”.
Merrill Jenkins, economist and author

Debating vaccination on social sites takes so much time. Mostly because I have to repeat my reasoning for why we don’t vaccinate every time the topic comes up. I have to remember where I saw the documentation behind the apparently insane idea that vaccination is not all it’s cracked up to be. No more: this is my Vaccination Wiki: pretty much everything I’ve learned on the topic.

If you are certain that vaccines are an excellent idea and want to debate the topic, I’m all in. You will need to read this first and I promise to read whatever you throw at me. You know, like studies proving vaccines are safe (there aren’t any) and effective (none of those either). Then we can debate from a level playing field.

On the other hand, if you have kids and aren’t 100% on the vaccination thing, why not read up before you decide? You’ll get a good start here.

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Sally Oh, Vitality Pi

A native Kentuckian, Sally is married since '91 to Hal from Taxachusetts, mom to two 100% homeschooled sons, a functional medicine practitioner, essential oils guru, homesteader and Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. In her spare time, she blogs at :)

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