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Theresa Lawton raw milk dairy in MassachusettsOn Monday December 16, 2013, the citizens of Foxboro, Massachusetts used their voices in support of a local farming family: Ed and Theresa Lawton of Lawton family raw milk dairy farm. Because of this, the farmers are still farming.

David Gumpert, journalist and author, attended the meeting to report on it which he covered beautifully on his blog, The Complete Patient.

Of particular note is the statement:

“With that, the meeting was over, and Ed Lawton could breathe a sigh of relief. “The farm was on the line tonight,” he told me afterwards. He marveled at all the people that had come out to help save it.”

Clearly, when people make the effort to support the farmers, there is the chance for victory. Without the support, there isn’t even the chance.

I am thankful to those who made the effort, the outcome it provided and grateful for David’s excellent covereage.

Liz Reitzig

Food is the Foundation of Liberty. Nourishing Liberty is where we plant seeds for ideas to grow and flourish A place to be inspired by each other, to join together in peaceful activism, to build community.

Wherever you are in your personal journey toward clean living and local food, thank you for joining me in mine. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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