How learning the true raw milk history can restore our health and help end government harassment against small farms

I recently did a short video series on raw milk history in America. In this series, I explain how raw milk got its negative reputation and why some regulatory agencies actively oppose people drinking raw milk. Looking into raw milk history offers us a glimpse into the past and the conditions of raw milk production in the cities.

Maybe you have heard of raw milk and you want to learn more. Perhaps you know about it already, maybe even drink it. In addition, maybe you have heard that it is illegal in some places and you wonder why that is.

I learned everything I could about raw milk history

When I started exploring raw milk for my family, I thought the FDA had reasons for making it unavailable. As I began reading about raw milk history, I learned things that would change my perspective. Furthermore, I learned that the reason raw milk caused illnesses in the 1800s was because of how it was produced. I learned about other countries and cultures and how much they relied on milk–all raw. As I learned and explored the politics here, I learned that current policy is based on old problems.

However, proponents of raw milk often point to the fact that raw milk for human consumption is produced differently than raw milk intended for pastuerization. This is an important distinction as we explore the building of our country. Raw milk played a vital role in that history.

In this series, I address some of the problems with raw milk history as well as how fake news worked to push the drink into a negative space.

Today, we have solutions. We can address the farming practices in many ways to offer people what they need. The politics is a different story. But we have a plan and strategy to address that as well. Together, we can make a difference and make good food available to all. Some states have legal sales for raw milk. If you are in one of those states and want to find source, check out this website to find local farms.

What you need to know–Raw Milk History

Part 1: The History of Raw Milk in America

Part 2: Where We Are Now

Part 3: The Solution

Do you have a story to share about the history of raw milk? Or perhaps a story about how raw is in your life now? We want to hear your stories.

Liz Reitzig

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