Permacredits and the solutions it offers the planetXavier Hawk explains on the Keiser Report

I am passionate about creating new possibilities for the future through partnering ancient traditions with modern technologies to create a thriving world for the future generations. The new technology of Bitcoin has me excited that we, as individuals, can reclaim our financial and economic independence and hence create a new, literal, landscape through how we interact with our currency.

A few months ago, a friend told me about a project that partners the philosophy of local, complimentary currencies with the principles of permaculture and restorative agriculture. It is Permacredits.

Permacredits explained by Xavier Hawk: hope for the future!Crypto-currencies are the new, digital currencies that have sprung from Bitcoin and the blockchain technology. Permaculture is a body of agriculture production philosophy that embraces low input/high yield agriculture to restore topsoil and bring balance back to the environment by honoring natural eco-systems. The ideas that embody Permacredits will literally change how we think of currency.

If all these concepts sound a bit overwhelming, they were for me at first also. Listening to the founder of Permacredits, Xavier Hawk, has helped me digest the ideas a bit more and understand the value systems attached to permaculture, crypto-currencies and now the marriage between the two, which has resulted in Permacredits.

Please take a look at the interview below with Xavier Hawk and see if Permacredits makes sense to you. Is it something you would choose to accept or use in your regular interactions? While it is still in its infancy (Permacredits hasn’t actually launched yet), once it is begun, I am sure the ideas will spread like wildfire.

Ultimately, the use of a currency like Permacredits will add value to our lives in a way that highlights an integrated input system for abundant creation of value. Permacredits has the potential to help restore eco-systems, support local economies and grow communities in ways that we can only imagine right now. I look forward to seeing these concepts become integrated. I will be writing more about Permacredits, local complimentary currencies and the benefits of all kinds of decentralization.

Xavier’s interview starts at minute 13.

Liz Reitzig, Founder & Peaceful Activist

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Wherever you are in your personal journey toward clean living and local food, thank you for joining me in mine. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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