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michigan strips right to farm protectionsThe backbone of Michigan’s Right to Farm protections has been broken.

The Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development has adopted changes to the Site Selection GAAMP (Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices) that will strip many small farms of Right to Farm protection from nuisance suits.

These changes are not law, but will make it impossible for many small farms to be compliant with setbacks now, and are in direct conflict with the Right to Farm law itself.

Changing how the law works and who it affects can only be done legislatively, which is not the case here. A panel of 5 appointed commissioners voted on these changes, with only 1 dissenting vote.

According to Michelle Halley, who successfully defended our farm in 2012 on behalf of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, had this to say:

“The agency can’t rewrite the law. They only have the authority to carry it out as the legislature intended. If they’re going beyond that, they’re violating the separation of powers. Period.”

In my opinion, this is an attempt to eliminate small farming operations, self sufficiency efforts and the ability to grow and procure the foods of our choice. It is being driven by the likes of the Michigan Farm Bureau and Corporate Agriculture. It has caused quite an uprising of people who want to maintain our Food Freedom.

Randy Buchler

Randy Buchler

Randy Buchler is a small family farmer at Shady Grove Farm U.P. and a farm food rights activist in Michigan. Randy is on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Small Farm Council. The MSFC ( has been working hard to protect Michigan's small farms' Right to Farm Act.
Randy Buchler

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