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The Baker Family 2013

The Baker Family 2013

In one of the most inspiring messages I’ve seen this winter, Jill Baker, from Baker’s Green Acres, dedicates a beautiful and heartfelt Christmas newsletter and blog post to their peace through ongoing challenges. Jill’s perspective, after the long months of continued harassment and abuse, is nothing short of amazing and inspiring! It is this spirit of peace that she and Mark exemplify, through their incredible challenges, that can give us hope when circumstances seems hopeless.

In reflecting on the spirit of Christmas, she states:

“It has struck me many times over the past year that Christ is about peace, but he didn’t promise peace like how we humans first think.  It’s not peace treaties between nationalities, or family members reconciling, or even Powers-that-think-they-be leaving us to live life.  Those things come out of real Peace.  The peace he meant and that the angels sang about so long ago is a peace, a reconciling, a Life with the Power of the Universe.  Once we get that, the other things flow naturally from the peace we have with ourselves and the God of the universe.  And if they don’t, we are sad but not defeated.  Nothing on this earth can take that Peace away.
I say that from the vantage point of being where we’ve been, up, down, and everywhere in between, in the past year.  You’ve kept up to date this fall if you’ve talked to Mark or watched his videos.  I’m afraid I’ve been working in the shop and raising children and haven’t touched the computer significantly in a couple of months.  As far as the suit with the State of Michigan,  first we thought things were going well, though they won some points and we were awarded others.  Then the legislature pushed a bill through in 10 days that required the case to be moved to the state Court of Claims.  We would have started all over with a new, state appointed judge somewhere else entirely in the state.  That was bad news.  It would have extended our situation 6 months at the least and likely even longer.  We’d have been back to where we were in July. “
Thank you Mark and Jill for showing us grace under pressure and for not losing site of the real goals: Peace and Freedom!

Liz Reitzig

Food is the Foundation of Liberty. Nourishing Liberty is where we plant seeds for ideas to grow and flourish A place to be inspired by each other, to join together in peaceful activism, to build community.

Wherever you are in your personal journey toward clean living and local food, thank you for joining me in mine. I look forward to sharing it with you.

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