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Liz headshotMother of 5, Farm Food Freedom media spokesperson (see interviews below), event speaker, activist, founder of NourishingLiberty.com Click here to email me.

I appreciate a proactive approach towards peaceful living. Food is one access to that. However, when something is wrong, not speaking out against it is a silent endorsement of that which we abhor. In keeping with the principles, it is equally important to speak out and take action where oppression exists.

Sometimes producing our own food, supporting our farmers and nourishing our families is not enough. Sometimes further action is needed and we are called to act in ways that might stretch us past our immediate comfort zone. The most beautiful opportunity we are given is to serve our fellow human beings.

In that spirit, wherever you are in your journey towards clean living, local foods, and peaceful activism, thank you. And thank you for joining me in my journey. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Kristin Canty and Liz Reitzig

Me with my friend, Kristin Canty, Farmgeddon producer.

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Liz Reitzig Video Interviews

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Liz’ Radio & Written Interviews

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| In David Gumpert’s Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle over Who Decides What We Eat

| In Rand Paul’s Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds

| Liz in the movie Farmageddon

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