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Liz headshotAs an activist, writer, spokesperson, and the mother of five healthy children, Liz Reitzig has spent well over a decade working on the politics of food access in support of small farmers and those who wish to obtain food directly from them. Her work on several key cases and her proactive approach to policy and activism have helped shape national and state level food and farming policies. She finds it vitally important that we stay engaged politically to preserve our food freedom.

She is the founder of Real Food Consumer Coalition (RFCC), a non-profit dedicated to advocacy and lobbying on behalf of small farmers and the consumers who depend on them.

In 2007 Liz founded Grassfed On The Hill, a local buying club for GMO-free and fresh farm foods, serving the greater Washington DC metro area. Her work pioneering buying clubs in the region created a niche for consumers seeking direct farm fresh foods and gave Liz a unique perspective into the habits and needs of consumers as well as the challenges facing local producers.

She writes at NourishingLiberty.com where she covers everything from food politics, permaculture, gardening, and recipes to special moments in parenting.

Liz earned an English and Literature degree from the University of Maryland. In 2017 she fulfilled a decade-long dream and became certified in Permaculture Design.

She has been featured on The Food Network, NPR, Wall Street Journal, and the John Stossel Show. She has been subject matter in national newspapers and has been featured in the much acclaimed documentary Farmageddon.


Kristin Canty and Liz Reitzig

Me with my friend, Kristin Canty, Farmgeddon producer.

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