Baker's Green Acres and Michigan's war on family farmsThe state of Michigan is determined to force Baker’s Green Acres into bankruptcy for having the audacity to challenge its make believe authority. If you are not familiar with the story:

— read this blog post;
— watch the video below;
— read this great article on the Baker’s Green Acres situation from the beginning.

In the following video, Mark Baker tells the tale. This is from Christmas 2012, btw, and the Bakers had to raise money to get through that winter, too. The trial should have happened by now but has been delayed time and time again. They thought they were going to trial early November 2013… but no. The state delayed again for another winter.

The state also changed the rules… Click here to hear Mark explain what just happened. The state knows it will lose in a jury trial so it is bending over backwards to keep that from happening. If it can bankrupt the Bakers in the meantime, heck, that works for them, too.

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Three Ways to Donate:

When you shop at Amazon, use the Bakers Green Acres Family Affiliate Link* — it doesn’t cost you anything and can raise hundreds of dollars for the family. Just use it for your holiday shopping!

Donate with PayPal: Choose the “Send Money” option, then send via a credit card or your PayPal or bank account to

Donate with a check to:  Baker’s Green Acres, Inc, 1579 Brinks Rd., Marion, MI 49665

The Story:

There is a war on for our real food farms and farmers. Individual states have successfully closed down too many small farms — watch the movie Farmageddon on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, go here to see where else to watch it:

Michigan is after the Bakers for raising heritage pigs. The MI Pork Producers (MPP) don’t want these delicious pigs on the market. It wants only its heritage-doubtful pigs for sale. It has millions to throw at this and is not shy about spreading its influence around.

Why a Fundraiser?

MI’s DNR has stopped all sales of the Baker’s pork. Restaurants have been intimidated into not buying it. No USDA butchers will take in the Baker’s pigs. They can’t sell their live pigs in state. The DNR has fined the Baker’s almost $1,000,000 for not killing their harmless pigs as the DNR ordered.

You can read those details here:

Honestly, when you read the facts, you won’t even believe this could be happening in America. But it is. Right now.

The Bakers:

The Bakers are a family of 10, farming land they own, staying cheerfully true to their faith and their mission despite these dismal events. Mark Baker is a veteran. He’s been a fearless, persistent warrior for his farm and his family.

The Bakers need our help to keep the state from winning and stealing their farm right out from under them.

The Good News:

Because of your activism, states are beginning to lose the farm food freedom battles: Vernon HershbergerMax KaneAlvin SchlangenShady Grove FarmQuail Hollow Farmraw milk at a Louisville Buying Club.

Now the Bakers need our help to join this growing list of victories. They need $40,000 to stay afloat through the winter, to feed the pigs and pay their bills until the trial in March. The trial and hearings have been delayed time and again in the hopes that the embargo will bankrupt the Bakers. Let’s put that idea to rest!

Please donate $5 right now (see below for donation options) and share this link with all the people you know who like to eat real food.

At $5 each, you and I and 8,000 of our closest friends can stop this insanity for the Bakers. Plus we’ll all have money left over to fight for farm food freedom tomorrow… because it ain’t over yet. A victory for the Bakers could be the tipping point for Michigan. So far, readers have raised $5,000!

Please donate right now and share the link. Ask for an early Christmas present: a $5 donation to the Bakers. You have made a difference today.

Thank you.

3 Ways To Donate to Baker’s Green Acres:

When you shop at Amazon, use the Bakers Green Acres Family Affiliate Link — it doesn’t cost you anything and can raise hundreds of dollars for the family. Just use it for your holiday shopping!

PayPal: Send Money via credit card, from your PayPal account or your bank to

Send a check to the Bakers at:  Baker’s Green Acres, Inc, 1579 Brinks Rd., Marion, MI 49665

Follow their blog for the latest news:

P.S. All donors get a Friend of the Feral Farmers certificate suitable for framing.

*This link takes you to Amazon’s homepage. The Bakers earn a small commission on anything you buy at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

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