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When you shop at Amazon, use the Baker’s Green Acres Family Affiliate Link — it doesn’t cost you anything and can raise hundreds of dollars for the family. Just use it for your holiday shopping!

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Donate with a check to:  Baker’s Green Acres, Inc, 1579 Brinks Rd., Marion, MI 49665

FYI: The above video is from Christmas 2012 and the Bakers had to raise money to get through that winter, too. The trial should have happened by now but has been delayed time and time again. They thought they were going to trial early November 2013… but no. The state delayed again for another winter.

The state also changed the rules… Click here to hear Mark explain what just happened. The state knows it will lose in a jury trial so it is bending over backwards to keep that from happening. If they can bankrupt the Bakers in the meantime, that works for them.

Click here for the latest update from Mark Baker.

bakers with a new chickThe Story:

The state of Michigan is determined to force the Bakers into bankruptcy for having the audacity to challenge its make believe authority.

If you are not familiar with the saga… keep reading this post at Liz Reitzig’s blog:

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A native Kentuckian, Sally is married since '91 to Hal from Taxachusetts, mom to two 100% homeschooled sons, a functional medicine practitioner, essential oils guru, homesteader and Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. In her spare time, she blogs at :)

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