Food is the Foundation of Freedom

Food, and how we procure it, is instrumental in laying the foundation for individual freedom. Conversely, having enough quality food gives us each the sense of security we need to take action to secure freedoms in other areas of life.

Nourishing Liberty is a place to plant seeds for ideas to grow and flourish. It’s a place to discover inspiration and to join together in action. Community interdependence will bridge the gap between oppression in all its forms and freedom to live peacefully.

Nourishing Liberty is based on the principle that people have the freedom to peacefully procure the foods of their choice from the producer of their choice through voluntary exchange with other free human beings. Anything that infringes on that is a threat liberty.

Learning to produce our own food, supporting sustainable farmers who share the knowledge and keep land in production, nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense foods to restore and maintain healthy bodies—these are the most peaceful and most defiant acts we can assert today to promote our individual freedoms. Peace, respect and sustainability are the essence of freedom. What better way to express our freedoms than to literally grow peace in our soils and communities!

  1. Im curious regarding the Baker Farm case – who is representing Mr. Baker. As someone who represented John Rapanos against the Federal government, Im curious to know what arguments have been made on both sides – this seems an issue that should be decided on summary judgment regarding the propriety of the MDNR’s rules.

    • Hi Arthur, I would be happy to put you in touch with Mark and he can answer your questions regarding this. Would you like me to use the email address provided? Thanks for your comment.

  2. I have seen the videos and seen the intrusion of govt. regulators into the lives of honest, innocent citizens.

    You are not the first group to recognize the govt’s overreach into our daily lives, and I just cannot understand why you don’t put a little milk into the Team Party.

  3. Liz – this is beautifully done! Love this new website & I am looking forward to all the great things to come from it. Great articles, loved reading them. A big congratulations!

  4. I’d like to find out what would make it worth your while to get rid of the crappy ad network that serves completely irrelevant ads, and instead sponsor your site with advertisements from farmers that sell products in Bitcoin, Catcoin, and Freicoin.

    — Troy

  5. Liz—-my on-farm camping case & suit against my local government in Virginia is not a food issue, but indeed a personal liberty issue. Rutherford Institute is representing me in court, thankfully! I would appreciate you looking at our case and your comments. I can be found thru the white pages and our case thru google. Please look at our merits in the fight to restore our Liberties! Thanks. (I don’t have facebook access.)

    • Hi J.R., do you have a link we can access? I just did a search and you have the same name as a famous actor, a sports star and several lawyers… can’t find you! Thanks, looking forward to reading about your case. Property rights are exactly what we are pushing back against here!!!

  6. I want to let you know of my new book for your perusal.
    ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’, available on Amazon.
    I have been silenced for 40 years by the MSM.
    Thank you.
    Historical Climatologist

    PS My website is

  7. Found your blog site on the Sunday (Bible) study of “flipping through the pages.” May be a God
    sighting? Currently writing a book that reflects some of the fight to “secure our food from what God has given us where we live.” Title; “The Food Tower”

    I am trying NOT to start a political narrative. I am hoping for a (self-aware) journey of providing for one’s self instead of relying on the state of sponsored food handouts.

    Nice to see your smile with other family farmers.

  8. Dear Sally—I just saw your comment to me from Oct 14. Here is a link to my story:

    We just went to court Sep 23, and the judge saw the county failed to follow the law in my case, but now, three years later, he allowed the county a “do-over,” and now they want me to pay hundreds of dollars to apply for a variance to the same ordinance, and maybe they will grant me the priviledge of camping on my own land (if I pay the hundreds of dollars in app fees!). I’m telling you, this mess has gone WAY too far in Amerika. I am a US Veteran, and this is not the version of Amerika we served to defend!

    • Hi J.R., I’m so sorry!!! I’m reading your story next, I got your phone call but been running all day. This tyranny is coming to a head and you are caught in the cross-fire. Armchair activists have NO IDEA what it’s really like to battle the beast. You are in my thoughts and I’ll keep in touch. Going to read your story now!

  9. Liz,

    Just a tip. If you shrink your images to 50-60k (standard resize range for sites like yours), your web pages will load much faster. You can google “free image shrink”, but the trick is finding one that wont watermark or paste an ad on it.

    Best regards,

    – Tj

  10. Liz,

    Blaine and I loved your interview with Michael. It really told the story well and it went deeper into the corruption of the Canadian police and their coverup.

    Thank you for getting this story out.

    Mark and Blaine Mcafee
    Always supporting you….food is freedom