Raw Milk on NPR: a Riposte

Raw Milk on NPR? A lovely riposte by a Weston A Price Foundation chapter leaderLauren Ayers, until recently co-leader of the Sonoma County chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, wrote this delicious response to the recent NPR blog post Why Some States Want to Legalize Raw Milk Sales. . . . → Read More

Minnesota Aims to Fine Family $500 Per Day for Feeding Their Community

Minnesota Aims to Fine Berglund Farm Family $500 Per Day for Feeding Their CommunityIf the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) gets its way, Lake View Natural Dairy Farm, owned and operated by David and Heidi Berglund and their daughter Lyndsay, will be fined $500 per day until they submit to an unconstitutional inspection of their farm.

When the farm briefly explored the possibility of selling milk for processing, . . . → Read More

What is the Vaccine Debate Really About?

Mandatory Vaccines: What the Debate is Really About

Jamie Kaiver on Mandatory Vaccines

by Jamie Kaiver

Jamie is a homeschooling mother of one, whose passion for learning began with healthful living and led to the dedication in quest of individual rights and liberty. She is also a good friend. She wrote this on her Facebook wall and we asked to share it here. Her passion for liberty is delicious! Look . . . → Read More

Sandford 1925 to 2010

Sandford Birdsey, Key West 1925-2010Today is Sandford’s birthday. She would have been 90. She died waaaay too young, if you ask me.

She has been on my mind lately, more than usual. I can feel her presence intensely, like she is right here! Her daughter and I were on the phone just now. She told me she talks to her mom all the time. I said, “Me, too.” Neither of us were surprised at that.

It was always good to talk to Sandford.

8 September 2010 – . . . → Read More

Quick Delicious Primal Gluten-Grain-FREE Pancakes with a SURPRISE Ingredient!

Quick Delicious Primal Gluten-Grain-FREE PancakesOMG, these primal gluten-grain-free pancakes are GOOD and quick and easy. So easy, I can make ‘em!

I am what you would call a “non-cook.” If it weren’t for my husband, we’d live on boiled pasta with butter and salt. Seriously.

And substantial? Whoa, very! In fact, so filling for breakfast we have leftovers for lunch — I had one rolled up with a slice of ham and brie the other day.

So let’s get to it — oh, the surprise ingredient? . . . → Read More

Vaccination Wiki: All the Reasons We Don’t Vaccinate

Why we don't vaccinate -- the evidence is overwhelming that it's a bad idea.“Those who are unaware are unaware of being unaware”. – Merrill Jenkins, economist and author

Debating vaccination on social sites takes so much time. Mostly because I have to repeat my reasoning for why we don’t vaccinate every time the topic comes up. I have to . . . → Read More

Farm Food Freedom Needs a Little Push. From a Few Thousand Pushers.

Will you be a freedom pusher, too?Liz usually writes about farm food freedom, but she’s busy in a statehouse somewhere (probably with Bernadette) actually making it happen right now. Liz and I talk every week or so, and this week we talked about “what’s next on the to-do list?”

In other words, what can the rest of us do, out in the field, to support the activists, like . . . → Read More

Perfect Pink WAPF Pickled Eggs

Perfect Pink Weston A. Price Foundation-inspired Pickled Eggs!When we lived in Costa Rica, my son developed a love for pickled eggs that he forgot about until last week. Since he does all the heavy lifting around ye ole homestead, keeping him fed to his liking is Job One. Plus, with 30 layers in the backyard, another way to eat eggs is always welcome!

I jumped online to find a recipe. “Surely, there’s a good ‘real . . . → Read More