On the Anniversary of an Acquittal

On the Anniversary of the Hershberger acquittalThis morning marks the 2-year anniversary of the close of the criminal trial of Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger. Thankfully, he was acquitted on 3 of his 4 criminal charges related to food distribution. Vernon is a peaceful man feeding his community with a buying club. Like many others, I was outraged that he was charged criminally for his farming and peaceful food distribution actions.

Vernon’s steadfast conviction in producing nutrient dense foods for his community, despite the . . . → Read More

Domestic Violence and the State

Domestic violence and the state: what's the connection?I recently witnessed an episode of domestic violence through the eyes of a beloved friend. Her experience, a frightful one of her husband beating her in front of their young children, continued harassment and domination, was, sadly, one I’d heard about far too often from my female friends.

One early autumn day, I stood with her at the shelter as a lady in soft, neutral-colored clothing handed her a diagram illustrating the . . . → Read More

Spring Reflections

A few days ago, I took my little ones for a walk through the neighborhood, as we often do. I was feeling resentful. It was officially the second day of spring, but it was a late spring. It’s been gray-dark here. The soft white snow from a few days before turned to mud and dark puddles on the ground, the brightness of the snow-covered trees faded to the pre-green brown waiting for the real spring.

This winter has gone on too long and we could feel the tension everywhere. I . . . → Read More

UPDATE: Minnesota Farmer Victorious in Court!

MN Farm Family Victorious in Court!Judge Stays Raw Milk Farmers of Contempt Charges for selling their products

In the story of David and Heidi Berglund from last week, was a glimpse into the over regulatory nature of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). The MDA threatened a peaceful family with $500 per day fines for feeding their community.

On March 9, 2015, 175-200 community members sat quietly in the courtroom in support of the Berglund family.

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Obesity Cures: Do You Have a Weight Loss Success to Share?

Have you lost weight and kept it off? How?Although the centerpiece of a world of tasteless jokes on the topic of obesity, a visit to Walmart (or pretty much any big box or discount food store) makes it impossible to ignore the fact that America has a big problem: obesity. From infants to adults, obesity leads to all manner of disease — physical, emotional, spiritual. If left unchecked, it leads to an untimely death.

Raw Milk on NPR: a Riposte

Raw Milk on NPR? A lovely riposte by a Weston A Price Foundation chapter leaderLauren Ayers, until recently co-leader of the Sonoma County chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, wrote this delicious response to the recent NPR blog post Why Some States Want to Legalize Raw Milk Sales. . . . → Read More

Minnesota Aims to Fine Family $500 Per Day for Feeding Their Community

Minnesota Aims to Fine Berglund Farm Family $500 Per Day for Feeding Their Community

Click here to help the Berglunds fight this assault on their (and your) property rights. A $5 donation goes a very long way to help pay their legal and other expenses during this long battle! Thank you.

If the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) gets its way, . . . → Read More

What is the Vaccine Debate Really About?

Mandatory Vaccines: What the Debate is Really About

Jamie Kaiver on Mandatory Vaccines

by Jamie Kaiver

Jamie is a homeschooling mother of one, whose passion for learning began with healthful living and led to the dedication in quest of individual rights and liberty. She is also a good friend. She wrote this on her Facebook wall and we asked to share it here. Her passion for liberty is delicious! Look . . . → Read More