GMO Glyphosate Sugarcane Dessicant

GMO Glyphosate Sugarcane Dessicant... What other foods are contaminated with glyphosate?GMO glyphosate sugarcane dessicant… Four words I never wanted to hear together. Since 2003, when Jeffrey Smith started ringing the alarm bells, the real food community has come to realize just how treacherous GMOs are to the human body. What many of us may not . . . → Read More

And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done…

Jack English old homesteader Homesteading, that is, by village elders. Actually, no one has said we couldn’t homestead. At least not out loud. I’m betting if you asked someone directly, they’d chuckle and shake their heads. Because nowhere in all the homesteader literature, books, blogs, podcasts, videos and what have you is there advice directed at old homesteaders. Most of it is written by old homesteaders, as it should be. . . . → Read More

Wise Traditions Speakers Dish about World’s Leading Nutrition Conference

Register by 10/24 and WIN 4 FREE days to review 7 years of conference recordings!The Wise Traditions International Conference is described by so many as “life changing” that we decided to ask a few of this year’s conference speakers why the event is so powerful. With all the other things demanding your focus, including personal and professional responsibilities, why should you . . . → Read More

Trail of Tears

Remember the Trail of Tears from history class? The U.S. government's broken promises did not end there.In October 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas, he began the fierce destruction of a native people and the land they cultivated. A destruction that would stretch for centuries leaving a wake of chaos that has . . . → Read More

How To Make Beet Kvass

How to make beet kvass -- delicious, health-full and easy to do! Why make beet kvass? For one thing… “[Beet kvass] is valuable for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid. Beets are just loaded with nutrients. One 4-ounce glass, morning and night, is an excellent blood tonic, promotes regularity, aids digestion, alkalizes the blood, cleanses the liver and is a good treatment for kidney stones and other ailments.” — . . . → Read More

Is Your Hair Falling Out? Consider Iodine!

Is your hair falling out? Mine was -- I tried iodine and now my hair is thick and healthy!I’ve been using Iodine since September 2010 and plan to take it forever. Lately, it seems I see SO MANY WOMEN who have receding hairlines, bald spots, extremely thin hair. I want to run up to them and extoll the virtues of iodine supplementation… but I figure they want to believe no one notices their hair so I don’t. If you . . . → Read More

The Heart of Klamath River

The Klamath River and its people vs the carpetbaggers: who belongs to whom?Water rights is an issue of escalating importance, especially in California, as corporate/government collusion lead to loss of water rights for the people within the region who depend on the sustenance of such natural resources within their geographic area. The contention around the Klamath River, between those whose lives are destroyed by transferring stewardship . . . → Read More

What are Permacredits?

Permacredits and the solutions it offers the planetXavier Hawk explains on the Keiser Report I am passionate about creating new possibilities for the future through partnering ancient traditions with modern technologies to create a thriving world for the future generations. The new technology of Bitcoin has me excited that we, as individuals, can reclaim our financial and economic independence and hence create a new, literal, landscape through how we interact with . . . → Read More