Shaken Baby Syndrome: Does it Exist?

Shaken Baby Syndrome... does it exist?In 2009, I wrote a vaccination screed at Last year, it was updated for Nourishing Liberty. It’s an encyclopedia of damning vaccine information, so of course quite long. And there’s more out there.

You can find the post here:

It includes a link to a story about a man, Sean O’Geary, who was convicted of Shaken Baby Syndrome in 1998: of killing his girlfriend’s 2yo by shaking her and scrambling . . . → Read More

Eat Fat to Lose Weight: Dietary Bible for the New Millenium

Eat Fat Lose FatWhile book shopping online, we came across Olivia’s review of Eat Fat, Lose Fat, a groundbreaking book in a world of lowfat propaganda. If you haven’t read EFLF, no time like now.

This book has been my dietary bible since reading it in 2005. It is a sourcebook for people wanting to eat a traditional diet, which is a diet solidly grounded in current dietary research, not unproven theories of the past. Look past the gimmicky cover here, as this is not a book about . . . → Read More

What is “Functional Medicine” and What Can it Do for Me?

Last night, two friends and I had a blab (aka twitter chat) about functional medicine nutrition: what is it and why would you want to take advantage of it. I thought you might like to listen.

Please share your thoughts and questions, I’d love to hear your feedback!

P.S. I prefer the term “functional nutrition” over functional medicine. There is nothing medical about restoring function via natural means to a human body. No pharmaceuticals, no surgery.

P.S.S. Click here for

Canadian Government Slaughters Healthy Sheep, Shepherdess Faces prison

Montana Jones and sheep2012 Case Reaches Court, Shepherdess and Farmers on Trial

Montana Jones began her career as a Shepherdess in the hills of Ontario, Canada raising a rare and special breed, Shropshire. She lived the hard life of a famer but enjoyed the idyllic setting and her connection to the animals she loved and the land she lived on. With her only child, her son grown and gone, the sheep became the subjects of her nurturing. She was deeply connected and bonded . . . → Read More

Health Food Restaurants Need to Check their Facts!

Restaurant Review: First Watch Health Food RestaurantThe First Watch Health Food Restaurant chain is all the rage. Its success gives us encouraging evidence that people want to eat healthier. Yay!

The problem is that too many Americans don’t actually know what “eating healthier” is. So far, mainstream media and public schooling have been little to no help. Perhaps that is changing?

I’ve tried both of our local FW . . . → Read More

How to Make this Delicious, Simple Summer Salad!

Tomatoes... paprika... goat cheese... oh my!

I absolutely LOVE to cook! I love cooking for my family and friends and visitors passing through. I love being in the kitchen and experimenting with food and flavors. I love exploring what I can do with seasonal products. I enjoy feeding and nourishing loved ones. It is a special opportunity and I appreciate the self-expression I get to explore.

Recently, my aunt had a dinner to attend and she asked my input on what to make. I thought about the seasons and what . . . → Read More

How to Make Magnesium Oil — It’s Fast and Easy!

How to Make Magnesium Oil -- It's Fast and Easy!Magnesium is a miracle supplement. Seriously, read this!

We humans are all pretty deficient since our soil is so bad these days. After years of study and self-experimentation, magnesium is a must-have in this house.

The problem with taking Magnesium orally is that it is hard on the bowels. You have to build up tolerance, then maintain it. If you skip your oral . . . → Read More

Cost vs Value: A Christmas Tree and High-value Systems—What I Learned

Cost Vs Value: What I Learned that changed my lifeI run a farm-to-consumer buying club and recently had a (very pleasant) exchange with a customer who was questioning some of the policies. That got me thinking about the bigger picture of the buying club, my expectations of the farmers, the customers, and myself.

Reflecting on this exchange, I was reminded of the year I spent $100 on a Christmas tree.

That year, I was determined to buy our Christmas tree from a . . . → Read More